Radiador de agua Honda CBR 600 RR Additional Water Set


Discover the water radiator for your Honda CBR 600 RR of the year 2024. This component is crucial to keeping your motorcycle in the best condition, ensuring optimal performance and a long useful life.

(Includes necessary aluminum and silicone tubes. This radiator comes prepared with everything necessary to be able to mount it together with the standard water radiator).

Characteristics of the water radiator for the CBR 600 RR

Unique specifications of the radiator designed for the 2024 Honda CBR 600 RR and how these features ensure efficient cooling.

  • Reference: H1M1-A001
  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: CBR 600 RR
  • Year: 2024 onwards
  • Radiator type: Additional Water
  • Radiator weight: 530g dry
  • Description:740g
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The Ideal Radiator for your HONDA CBR 600 RR 2024

Are you worried about the performance of your HONDA CBR 600 RR due to a faulty radiator? Don't let a radiator in poor condition compromise the efficiency and safety of your motorcycle. At Taleo Tecnoracing, we understand the importance of a efficient cooling system, especially for a powerful machine like the HONDA CBR 600 RR. For this reason, we offer you specific radiators designed to improve the performance and aesthetics of your 2024 model motorcycle.

Description of the Honda CBR 600 radiator

The radiator is a crucial component in maintaining the proper engine temperature of your HONDA CBR 600 RR. The normal temperature of a Honda CBR motorcycle is around 90º.. A radiator in optimal condition ensures that your motorcycle runs efficiently, prevents overheating and protects the engine from long-term damage. At Taleo Tecnoracing, we are specialists in providing cooling solutions that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the most demanding bikers.

Why choose Taleo Tecnoracing motorcycle radiators for your Honda?

Our radiators are Specifically designed to fit the HONDA CBR 600 RR 2024. Here are some reasons to choose our products:

  1. Perfect adjustment: Precision manufactured to ensure an exact fit on your specific model.
  2. High efficiency: Optimized to maximize heat dissipation and improve overall engine performance.
  3. Durability: Built with high quality materials to withstand the most extreme conditions and extend engine life
  4. Improved Aesthetics: They not only work well, but they also look good, complementing the sporty aesthetics of your HONDA CBR 600 RR.

Instalation and maintenance

Installing a new radiator may seem like a challenging task, but with our detailed instructions and technical support, you can perform the installation in your own garage. Additionally, we offer advice on how to keep your radiator in excellent condition to ensure its maximum performance and durability.

The size of the radiator is perfect for your Honda motorcycle, guaranteeing a simple and uncomplicated installation.

Best Price and Care for your Motorcycle

Don't let a faulty radiator stop you. Choose Taleo Tecnoracing radiators for your 2024 Honda CBR 600 RR and enjoy uncompromising performance and total peace of mind. We offer the best price and the best care for your motorcycle. Contact us directly for more information about our products and how they can help you keep your motorcycle in the best shape possible.


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